Pastor G. Daniel Ekarte

Minister and Founder of the African Churches Mission


African Churches Mission

Picture taken at the Mission's opening in 1931


Pastor Ekarte and friends at the Mission

Reginald Ankrah is on the far right of the photograph. When I was at the Mission in 1944 he was the choir leader and he used his lovely singing voice to great effect. He was a rock of a man, giving many years of service to the Mission, and was a very loyal friend of Pastor Ekarte.


Location of the African Churches Mission in Liverpool

Marika Sherwood who has written profusely on African issues here in the UK; has written a brief history of the Mission  "Daniel Ekarte : The African Churches Mission, Liverpool 1923-1964."  The book is published by Savannah and can be purchased online at  If you experience difficulties getting the book from Amazon then contact Marika here Her previous books include "Many Struggles" (Karia Press1985), a study of Caribbean workers brought to Britain during World War 2; "Black Peoples of the Americas" ( Heinemann, 1992 ), a handbook for teachers. 


Date:12 Jan 2001 Time:00:49:45

Hello Brian, 

Cathy from Liverpool sent your website to the Scousers list. Well I couldn't believe my eyes. When I downloaded your Photos from the Mission. on Hill and Hyslop streets, Oh what memories came flooding back to me . I remember Mr. Daniels, (I never knew his surname) WE children from that area where all very fond of him as he was always so kind to us .We were all very poor. at that time 1939 to 1945. when I went to St. Patrick's school which was just around the corner from the mission. WE often stopped to play with the little children and would ask if we could take them for a walk. I never realized they where Orphans, we thought they belonged to the woman who lived at the mission. I remember those two women in your photos there as also another girl, I thought she would be a sister of the younger one in the photos. and thought the older woman was their Mother . I think they came from outside of Liverpool as I recall they sounded different. You really have me going ..but I must stop and send your link to another old friend who will remember what you are talking about . She also had a white mother and her father was a West Indian We just reunited at a Burtonwood reunion six years ago . We lost touch 40 years . ran around with different groups. Our Mothers also went to St. Pats. so we do go way Back It is just wonderful to read about your search. and so happy for you . Regards Eileen Sayer ,Florida.