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Garden Party

My foster mother Mrs. Brown at her Garden Party, inaugurating her election to the Chair of the Prescot Town Council. As a Salvationist she requested that the Prescot SA Band provide the music at this event. Her deputy, chosen by her was also a member of the Prescot Corps of the Salvation Army,  Mrs. Elsie Lunt. I am pictured on the front far right, with my future foster father Bill Bygroves standing behind me. The Commanding Officers are Captain & Mrs. John Evans.

It was and still is the practice of Salvation Army bands and songster brigades to visit other SA Corps in the country and overseas, in order to provide the worship during what would normally be Saturday and Sunday of a given week-end. These occasions were designed to be both an encouragement for the musical section and the Corps being visited. The above picture is of some of the younger members of the Prescot SA Band during a stop-off point during our 150 mile visit to Easington Lane. Below I am pictured with one of my very first girl friends from Easington Lane, but I shall leave you to guess who it was.


 As best man to my foster brother David Bygroves

As a Boy Scout during a visit to Glasgow, Scotland. The Scout Master was also the Bandmaster of the Prescot SA Band, Ernie Rylance.

Some of the young people at Speake Corps Liverpool. These were very happy times for me, and the teenagers above with me I shall never forget. There are at least two in the picture who have now died.

At a music camp in the lovely Lake District of Northern England. The conductor and director of the camp was the Salvation Army's famous musician Captain Norman Bearcroft.

My Foster father Mr. WC Bygroves taken at  the Famous "Exbury Gardens" in the New Forest Hampshire, during a week long visit to our home in that county. He has been down the years a tremendous help to my family. Has treated me like his own son and my children as his own grandchildren. Mr. & Mrs. Bygroves had two children of their own. Ruth who trained as a nurse and married a Doctor, who had his practice on the Wirral before his retirement. David is the son who lives and works on the Isle of Man