American Family


My Father's picture was taken on his entrance into the American Armed Forces. He served as a volunteer in Company "B" , 390th Engineer Regiment, from November 1942 - October 1945. Fort Leavenworth in Kansas was the place of his induction and separation.


My Father's grave at Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery Kansas

The very impressive resting place for US veterans .
The maintenance of the cemetery is a credit to the USA Government.
My Father is buried in Section 45, Row 3, Grave 26

My Father and I.  Although I never met him the likeness to him is very real.
Those who knew my Father when he served in Liverpool informed me that I and he were very much alike

Glenis, Aunt Betsy and I in the May of 1999. Taken at my Aunt's home in Oklahoma. It was our first meeting together

Steve & Katherine my Father's wife and Pamela my sister taken in May 1999 during my first meeting with them

A momentous event

Pam, Teresa, Brian Irita, Ira. Our first meeting together on "Thanksgiving day" 1999 after 15 years of searching.

Ira Jr and his wife Lynn. Before I came on the scene Ira was known as "Big Brother". That has now all changed as I am

"Big Brother"


Irita, Brian, Pamela, Teresa and Church Minster with Tahisha Irita's Granddaughter.
Taken the Sunday after Thanksgiving 1999 outside the Methodist Church that we all worshipped at
Afterwards Teresa treated us to a wonderful meal in Denver.