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MUSKOGEE is a town in Oklahoma USA the birth place of my father, a place that is dear to me because so much of my history stems from it. For 15 years I searched for my Father and in 1999 discovered that he had died in 1986. This web site goes some  way in describing my early life without either parent, and my search for them both. ames Bond 007, reminds me so much of the place of my birth, GREAT BRITAIN. It's daring, it's inventiveness, it's fair play, it's "green and pleasant land" compel me to love her,  warts and all. It is the place that I have spent all of my life and for the first 18  years in the absence of my mother, England fed me, clothed me, housed me, educated me, trained me, and England never asked anyone for a penny for the privilege. Look around the site